Acacia Wooden Boards

      Handcrafted here in our studio by artist Mick Harding, our acacia wood cutting boards are made from high-quality timber sourced from plantation-grown trees. Each board has its own distinct natural pattern and is embellished with a Gum Leaf Design by Ngarga Warendj - Dancing Wombat - based on the Traditional symbols of South Eastern Aboriginal Art.

      Our acacia cutting boards are perfect for a housewarming gift or a great way to spoil yourself and bring art into your everyday life. They make a great centrepiece or talking point for your kitchen! Your board also comes with a card that gives the story of the artist and design.

      The timber used for our acacia boards has been ethically sourced from across South-East Australia. The grains in the timber tell a story as old as the land itself, with a deep connection between our culture, spirituality and history. Browse through our range of stunning designs today. 

      Handcrafted Acacia Wood Cutting Boards

      Whether used as a chopping board or serving platter for cheese and biscuits, our acacia boards make a stunning addition to your kitchen for a night of entertaining. When not in use, you can leave the side with the artwork showing as part of your kitchen display.

      Acacia cutting boards are perfect for use in food preparation due to their antibacterial properties. They’re also an eco-friendly, sustainable choice of material that’s been ethically sourced, so you’ll have total peace of mind when you’re cooking.

      The hardwood offers a sturdy, durable surface that is rich with natural oils that make it water-resistant. It isn’t as dense as other woods, such as bamboo, so your knives will stay sharper for longer as you’re chopping.

      Here at Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat, we offer a wide range of authentically-crafted homewares inspired by Indigenous artwork. These are all made right here in our studio or via ethical licencing agreements – from Australian giftwares and ceramics to our camphor laurel and acacia wood cutting boards.

      Complete Your Kitchen Collection Today

      Mick Harding, founder of Ngarga Warendj, is a proud Taungwurrung Kulin and creates  all of the designs for our acacia chopping boards. He takes pride in his work and the attention to detail is exquisite.

      We also carry local Indigenous artwork and a range of Aboriginal artifacts, including our authentically-made boomerangs, clapsticks and shields. When you buy from us, you are supporting traditional Indigenous artists and the longevity of our culture – and so the story continues to live on.

      Want to learn more about our wide range of products? You can get in touch with us at or phone 0437 422 447 or 0438 367 202. We look forward to hearing from you.