Artifacts made by Ngarga Warendj with South Eastern Aboriginal Designs.  Including Wangim (Boomerang), Malgarr (Shields) and Dhaal Galk ( Clapsticks or Music Sticks ) Made in Australia



      Traditional Aboriginal Art Prints

      Indigenous culture in Australia has a rich history, dating back at least 80,000 years. Today, this form of art is highly desired and makes the perfect gift.

      Designs began with the use of ochre, a natural clay earth pigment that is used to create paints that replicate the reds, browns, and yellows hues of the Australian earth.

      Aboriginal art style has shifted, changed and evolved over thousands of years to become what it is today. South-East Australia Aboriginal art is distinct in its use of linework such as chevrons, diamonds and half circles. Unlike our desert brothers and sisters, we do not use dotwork in our designs. Take a look through our online collection today.

      The modern history of Aboriginal art prints and designs

      For thousands of years, Indigenous art was created on the surfaces of rocks and caves. Over time, this art was transposed to early forms of canvas made from the bark of Australian trees like the paperbark and on Aboriginal Boomerangs/Wangim or Shields/Malgarr.

      As there was no format for written language in Indigenous cultures, genuine Aboriginal artifacts and art were extremely important – and remain so to this very day. In fact, Aboriginal artifacts continue to be used to tell stories and document people, places and connections to the land, animals and vegetation. Often the stories were told through the use of music and clapsticks. They teach lessons on hunting, navigating and survival and convey beliefs that carry spiritual significance. They are a part of our connection to Country.

      This form of painting uses the traditional ochres, symbols and often the patterns synonymous with designs inspired by the traditional owners of the land. These distinctive Aboriginal art gifts and artifacts can be found in areas of rich cultural significance, carrying as much history as they do distinct detailing.

      The most famous of these artists remains one of the most popular, relevant and revered Australian artists of all time (from any ethnicity. The work of Albert Namatjira is celebrated to this very day.

      Discover genuine Aboriginal artifacts

      This form of painting and sculpture is not only culturally significant; it is highly meaningful and spiritual to the traditional owners of our land. Unfortunately, some operators try to sell non-genuine knock-off products to exploit this.

      When you purchase art and artifacts from Ngarga Warendj, you can have peace of mind that every item is authentic Indigenous art. Our resident artist Mick Harding is a proud Taungwurrung Kulin man and is the driving force behind this giftware. If Mick Harding himself does not personally create the prints and designs, it has been sourced from traditional owners and licensed for sale as authentic products.

      When you want genuine Aboriginal artifacts sourced from the Indigenous people of Australia, you can find the highest quality contemporary and traditional styles on a wide range of artifacts in the Ngarga Warendj giftware collection. Browse our range online today.

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