Aboriginal Learning Resources

      We are excited to introduce our new range of Aboriginal education resources, created in collaboration with Alperstein Designs and Ngarga Warendj. These include colouring books, puzzles, and a memory card game, all featuring Aboriginal artist Mick Ngarga's interpretations of South East Aboriginal Art.

      Our Aboriginal learning resources are a valuable tool for educators and parents looking to introduce indigenous culture in a fun and interactive way. In addition, we’ve incorporated the Taungurung language alongside English to teach the words for animals, plants, and other objects. These learning resources are perfect for schools, educators and parents looking to incorporate Aboriginal culture into their lessons or daily routine.

      We hope that these materials will open up a world of opportunities for aboriginal learning and education. We invite you to explore our new range and see the beauty of our culture through Mick's art.

      Aboriginal Art Puzzles

      Our Aboriginal art puzzles are more than just a playful activity for children. They provide an opportunity to immerse young minds in Aboriginal culture and deepen their understanding of indigenous history and traditions. They also make a great gift.

      The puzzles feature indigenous artwork, allowing children to appreciate the beauty and significance of Aboriginal art as they piece them together. In addition, the puzzles offer a hands-on way for children to learn about Aboriginal symbols and their meanings.

      As children work towards completing the puzzle, they can also gain problem-solving skills and develop fine motor skills. Overall, our Aboriginal art puzzles provide a unique and educational experience for children.

      Art Colouring Pages

      Our colouring sheets offer a fun and educational activity for children of all backgrounds, while providing a unique and valuable opportunity for children to learn about our indigenous history and culture.

      These sheets promote cultural diversity and understanding, as children learn about indigenous art and symbols while engaging in the traditional activity of colouring. These printable Aboriginal art colouring pages offer many educational benefits, as they can help to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration.

      For Aboriginal children and youth, seeing their culture represented through these colouring pages can promote feelings of pride and enhance their connection to their heritage.

      Memory Game

      Memory games have been shown to improve memory and attention span in both children and adults, making this an enjoyable and educational activity for young players. By playing this game, children can gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of indigenous culture while also improving their memory skills.

      The Ngarga Warendj Aboriginal memory game features traditional aboriginal symbols and artwork, helping to educate players about the significance of each symbol in indigenous society. In addition to expanding their cultural knowledge, the game also offers cognitive benefits.

      For more information on any of our Aboriginal education resources, get in touch with us today at mick@ngargawarendj.com.

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