Authentic Indigenous Art Pen Sets, Pencil Cases and Gift Boxes

      Our authentic Indigenous art pen sets offer a unique, meaningful gift for those who are seeking something special. Add colour and style with our authentic Indigenous art pen sets – a great gift to yourself or someone you love.

      Our collection is available in a range of shapes – oval, rectangle, and flip – which feature a Gum Leaf design by Ngarga Warendj - Dancing Wombat. The wooden case has a narrative on the bottom that tells our story of Welcome to Country, with designs based on traditional South Eastern Aboriginal Art shapes and symbols.


      With a variety of quality products to choose from, Ngarga Warendj is a fantastic place to connect with indigenous Australian heritage by owning a piece of art from this culture's ancient traditions. It’s easy to have your favourite indigenous artwork shipped anywhere in Australia when shopping online with Ngarga Warendj. Browse our stunning, thoughtfully-crafted collection now.

      Range of Aboriginal Pencil Cases and Pen Set Gift Boxes

      As part of these gift sets, we proudly provide authentic Aboriginal Pencil Cases and Pen Set Gift Boxes. The Gift Boxes come with beautiful pens featuring Aboriginal designs that are inspired by Indigenous culture. Each set includes stunning pens stored in a handcrafted gift box, making them a unique gift for friends and family.

      Our Aboriginal pencil cases and pen set gift boxes feature dreaming stories that celebrate Aboriginal culture. Not only are they made with high-quality materials, but they also provide a conversation starter for people to gather around and learn more about the Aboriginal culture. It’s the perfect gift for those who want to make a statement.

      More About Our Stunning Designs

      Ngarga Warendj offers a beautiful selection of indigenous artwork-inspired prints on a range of items – everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs. We value the importance of preserving the traditional Aboriginal designs, ensuring that each and every item we offer features the unique vibrant colours and patterns originally inspired by these designs.

      Our store has a wide range of gifts or souvenirs that provide both a visual and cultural connection to Australia's indigenous history. We make sure our customers can receive their chosen item anywhere in Australia with just a few clicks through our easy online shopping system.

      We invite you to browse our range of unique, authentic Indigenous gift ideas that celebrate the rich Aboriginal history and culture of the Dreamtime.

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