Australian Face Masks

      Here at Ngarga Warendj, we have a range of 100% cotton face masks made in Australia. These are made with a range of beautiful fabrics, featuring Aboriginal Art and other designs. Available in a range of sizes, we also have designs to suit small children.

      Our Australian-made face masks have adjustable nose wires, so you can adjust the mask for a close fit to your face, and elastic loops around your ears to hold the mask in place. There’s also a filter pocket on the inside of the mask.

      Note: These masks do not claim to give you respiratory protection from viruses but may help prevent the spread of germs to others. It is also recommended to wash your mask between uses.

      Due to the nature of the face masks used primarily in relation to hygienic standards, all orders are final and we will be unable to accept returns or refunds for face masks.

      Indigenous Face Masks Tell a Story

      Here at Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat, we’re passionate about showing off the works of Indigenous artists. In a time of such division, what better way to bring a smile to people’s faces and start a conversation, than by showcasing Aboriginal art on our indigenous face masks – full of bright colours and patterns.

      This provides an opportunity for growth. The art featured on these indigenous face masks speaks to stories and thousands of years of culture. They provide a conversation point that allows people to ask questions and learn about the stories, in turn inspiring communication and a deeper understanding of our culture.

      Take a look through our beautiful selection today and get the conversation started.

      Our Indigenous Face Masks in Australia

      Our Aboriginal face masks feature works by the likes of Indigenous artists such as Alana Holmes, Alma Granites, Coral Hayes Panaka, Elaine Lane, Fiona Puruntatameri, Justin Butler, Murdie Morris and Sheryl J. Burchill – along with our very own founder Mick Harding!

      Mick Harding is a proud Taungwurrung Kulin and the artist behind all Ngarga Warendj products. Mick creates custom-designed wooden boards, cards and Australian giftware, much of which he makes himself by hand. These have all been authentically created here in our studio.

      When you buy Indigenous face masks from us, you are supporting traditional Aboriginal artists and helping us to preserve the culture. Through our artwork, we tap into a deep connection between the land, our history and the Australian people, along with a sense of spirituality.

      Place Your Order Today

      Here at Ngarga Warendj, check out our local Indigenous art and range of Aboriginal artifacts. We exist to give support to other Aboriginal artists and businesses across Australia.

      For more information on any of our products, get in touch with us today by email at or phone 0437 422 447 or 0438 367 202.