Our range of lapel pins for men and women are the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional culture.



      Stylish lapel pins in Australia 

      Our range of lapel pins for men and women are the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional culture. They are crafted from metal with an enamel inlay, featuring bold Aboriginal painting styles and colours and a wide range of iconic Australian flora and fauna. 

      These pins provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and make a wonderful gift for special occasions. Browse our collection today.

      Why lapel pins make the ideal present

      Lapel pins are more than just a decoration or piece of jewellery. They are important because they represent something; they are a symbol of belief, achievement, or belonging depending on the message, image, or symbol presented on the pin. 

      They can also be a strong way to show cultural identity, which the Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat range represents. Our jewellery has been designed by proud Taungwurrung Kulin Mick Harding, an Aboriginal artist from Australia. 

      Our range includes a variety of Australian native animals and plants (like gum leaf) that are decorated using traditional Aboriginal painting methods. They are highly stylish, durable and unmistakenly Australian. They allow you or the recipient to look your best while connecting with your country and your culture. 

      Each product comes packaged in a decorative gift box and includes literature on what the animal or plant means in traditional Aboriginal culture. You can purchase them for yourself, or they make an ideal present for friends and colleagues on special work occasions and other formal events such as weddings and graduations.

      How to wear a lapel pin

      Lapel pins are typically worn on the lapel (as the name suggests). They come in different sizes and styles and are designed to be worn around the buttonhole at the highest point of your left lapel. This is important to remember when wearing them with a double-breasted suit, as they must always be worn on the left (it is a major fashion faux pas to wear them on the right). 

      Many organisations present lapel pins for suits to recognise time, experience and achievements within a business. Meanwhile, charity organisations often use these pins so that people can display their support for their activities and help spread awareness. 

      You can get lapel pins for suits, lapel pins for weddings and decorative pieces to suit all occasions. They are also used by military and Returned Services Leagues to allow citizens to show their support for current service people and veterans.

      Browse our range of authentic Indigenous giftware online

      The Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat lapel pins are just the beginning of the unique and authentic products we have on sale for delivery anywhere in Australia. 

      Our resident artist and verified suppliers have also crafted a range of pen sets, leather goods, beanies and high-quality contemporary Indigenous art – among other product lines. Browse today and discover a world of gift products that are unique, traditional and fashionable.