Ngarga Warendj, sharing Kulin First Nations stories and culture.

Ngarga Warendj – (Dancing Wombat) produces high quality contemporary Indigenous Art, using designs based on traditional symbols from South-East Australia.

The business creates bespoke pieces suitable for a wide range of projects, some of which typically include the application of Logos, Reconciliation Action Plans, Strategic Plans and Public Art installations. 

Our Services


Ngarga Warendj produces high quality art, with all designs based on traditional symbols from South-East Australia. Corporate gifts are one of our specialities. 


Ngarga Warendj works with clients to create artwork suitable for specific projects, which including RAP plans, public art installations, and much more.

Bespoke Installations

The Ngarga Warendj team have worked with numerous corporate clients, providing artwork, products and bespoke installations for their specific requirements. 

Our Process

Initial Consultation

The Ngarga Warendj Team will organise a time to meet with the client to discuss job needs and ascertain the best method of approach. This session is also designed to provide Mick our primary artist, the details he needs to formulate a concept. 

Concept Development

From the initial consultation, Mick will typically create a visual outline of what he interprets from the brief for consideration. Once approved the concept is then put into production. This is also used to identify any limitations or possibilities and manage expectations. 

Artwork Creation

Depending on the chosen art form, Mick will then develop the artwork map in stages with updates provided to the client to show how the piece is taking form and to also mitigate any risks that might be present so changes can be made. 


Once the shell of the artwork has been developed and the client is happy with the direction and construction process, refinements are applied to enhance through the use of applicable materials to fit the environment it is destined to occupy. 


The team will then package the artwork up ready for shipping and installation. Ngarga Warendj is familiar with different packaging needs and will typically consult with the client to meet requirements. 


Ngarga Warandj will typically work with third parties should the piece require professional installation. Otherwise it will provide the piece with instructions on safe installation. 


The artworks produced by Ngarga Warendj are original pieces that Mick has created for licencing and he seeks to be sufficiently accredited where possible but to also communicate his story and that of his people where possible near or associated to the artwork. 


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Interested in working with us?

If you are interested in working with us on a project, please visit our contact page and fill out the enquiry form, or give us a call. We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your project requirements.