Australian Designed Wooden Platters & Boards

      A good quality chopping board is essential in any kitchen. The Ngarga Warendj range of wooden boards and serving platters are made from a selection of stunning materials including Australian Made Camphor Laurel and Assorted Australian timber species such as Blue Gum.  Plus ethically sourced Acacia, 

      Each chopping block is handcrafted and engraved with a design inspired by the Aboriginal art of South East Australia. Because of their mix of practicality and aesthetics, they can be used for preparing as well as presenting food.

      A Wide Range Of Shapes & Sizes

      Browse our range of wooden chopping blocks - we have many different shapes and sizes. There are small, large, long, short, round, square and in between. Some platters have handles and others feature holes for serving or hanging. Each is made with stunning native products and features an Aboriginal embellishment or unique design.

      What Makes Our Products Unique?

      Ngarga Warendj are known for high-quality products that are created by hand or through ethical licensing agreements, so each piece comes with a card that gives the personalised story of the artist and design. Indigenous art in Victoria uses unique symbolism, which is featured on our homewares. We only use high quality and native timbers to produce our range.

      Why Wood Is Important

      Acacia is durable, sustainable and scratch resistant - making it a great choice for a chopping board. It has a beautiful finish and grain pattern which makes it attractive as well as practical.

      Camphor Laurel is a rich honey-coloured wood that can have a distinctive scent. Whilst it’s an introduced species, its oil has been used for medicinal purposes and is said to be antibacterial.

      Aboriginal Homewares Make The Perfect Gift

      If you’re looking for an original gift, our wooden platters and boards are a great option - especially for house-warmings! Or why not spoil yourself and bring art into your everyday.

      As well as the products that you can buy online, we can also create personalised chopping boards that make great corporate gifts. We have also worked on commercial projects; such as Reconciliation Action Plans, Strategic Plans and have collaborated on Public Art Installations. To find out more, please contact us today.

      Care Tips

      For best results, we recommend that you wash your products in warm soapy water and pat dry after use. Season the block occasionally with food safe oil to keep the grain looking great. Avoid soaking it in water and always hand wash (do not place it in the dishwasher).

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