Aboriginal Clapsticks (Dhaal Galk)

      Clapsticks or Dhaal Galk (in the Taungwurrung Language) are the traditional instrument for song, dance and ceremony of the Kulin people. 

      They are a percussion instrument played by both men and women in Indigenous communities across Australia. Their main purpose is to maintain rhythm in voice chants and are often heard as part of an Aboriginal ceremony. They are also played during social dancing and can accompany other instruments (such as the didgeridoo or yidaki).

      Like many of the objects designed by First Nations people, these artifacts can serve more than one purpose - in this instance for digging the earth or used as trade items. Our clapping sticks are handcrafted in Australia using Tasmanian Blackwood and embellished with traditional symbolism.

      Handcrafted & Authentic Aboriginal Clapping Sticks

      Our Dhaal Galk or Clapsticks are made in Australia from Australian timbers such as acacia or blackwood and different types of eucalypts such as red box and redgum. 

      Each piece features designs that contain traditional symbols with a modern context; including rivers, mountains, ancestors and shields. These are the symbols our Ancestors have been using for tens of thousands of years. All of the Aboriginal artifacts found on our website come with cards that give information on the product, artwork design and artist. 

      Wooden Clapping Sticks are fantastic artifacts that make ornaments for display. Simply stack them together or hang them on the wall as an art piece. These instruments are a great gift for friends and family. They also make great corporate gifts for clients or colleagues. 

      Made with Tasmanian Blackwood

      Tasmanian Blackwood is a type of Acacia and is native to Australia. Our Clap Sticks are made by hand using Tasmanian Blackwood to ensure they create an authentic sound and also make striking, aesthetically pleasing pieces for display. 

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