Traditional Aboriginal Shields in Australia

      Australian Aboriginal shields have long been an important part of our Indigenous culture. Shields, or ‘Malgarr’, were traditionally used by Aboriginal people with Liyangayil or Fighting Clubs for hand-to-hand combat. 

      Our Aboriginal shields for sale have proudly been designed and handcrafted by Indigenous artist Mick Harding, belonging to the Yowong-Illam-Baluk and Nattarak Baluk clans of the Taungurung people.


      We have recreated the shape of the traditional Malgarr with stunning accuracy and detail. This collection is also a visual representation of Australian pride and resilience that we can share with the world.

      It's why here at Ngarga Warendj, we are proud to offer these works of art online – providing a lasting connection to Australia’s ancient traditions while paying homage to those who preserve them. Check out our stunning range available online today.

      Authentic Aboriginal Shields for Sale – Perfect for Display

      Aboriginal shields are truly a special kind of art form. Whether it is for purposes of display or practical use, these shields will bring an exceptional Australian Aboriginal vibe to your home.

      At Ngarga Warendj, we offer only the finest Australian aboriginal shields online, each one handcrafted with care. Our Malgarr shields are lightweight and all come with a flat back for maximum wall-hanging ability. Enjoy your unique artifact, accompanied by the swing tag and cards that tell you all about its artwork design, origin and even the artist who crafted the shield.

      Whether you are looking to start your collection, or add a magnificent Australian dimension to any room in your house, browse the range at Ngarga Warendj Dancing Wombat for a beautiful selection of Australian aboriginal shields.

      A Wide Range of Aboriginal Art and Artifacts

      Ngarga Warendj Dancing Wombat provides an amazing opportunity to experience the depths of Aboriginal art and culture. The range of art and artifacts offered are sure to awe any curious visitor searching for souvenirs, rarities or simply new experiences.

      From exquisite authentic Aboriginal artifacts like Boomerangs/Wangim and Shields/Malgarr to giftware, leather goods and educational resources, people can find items that are unique and steeped in the traditional knowledge of Australia's indigenous people. Whether you’re a collector or simply hoping to learn more about Indigenous culture in the area, Ngarga Warendj has everything you need.

      Not only can you purchase special items, you can also gain a better understanding of Aboriginal culture by browsing through rare artifacts. Take a look through our collection today – and for further information on any of our items, get in touch with us today.

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